Highest peak of Thrace

At Rodopi mountain range, on the north of Xanthi Prefecture, there is the forest of Chaidou. Chaidou is the southern part of Mount Koula and is on the north side of Nestos valley. The Gyftokastro (1827m) is the highest peak of Chaidou and Thrace, exactly on the border with Bulgaria. The virgin forest of Chaidou and the impressive waterfalls of Livaditis are a point of attraction for explorers who can observe rare species of fauna and flora. 102 bird species reproduce in the forest ecosystems of the wider area.

Since 1980, an important part of the forest, about 180 acres, was declared a “Nature Monument” and is now a protected area.

The classic ascent to Gyfrokastro is through the Erymanthos Forest Village which is 8km after the village Livaditis.




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