Old Town of Xanthi

The noblewoman of Thrace! It is built amphitheatrically at the foot of the Rhodope mountain range. The river Kosynthos divides the city of Xanthi in two parts, in the west which includes the Old Town and the New Town and in the east, the neighborhood of Samakov and the stadium area. The Old Town of Xanthi was designated a traditional settlement in 1976 and is one of the best preserved architectural ensembles in all of Macedonia and Thrace. Cobbled alleys and traditional houses, historic neoclassical and small gardens take you to another era. Several mansions and notable houses of tobacconists as well as workers’ houses survive to this day. Important attractions are the Folklore museum which was built in 1870 and belonged to the Kouyoumtzoglou family. The old Town Hall of Xanthi, the Municipal Art Gallery, the house where the leading Greek composer Manos Hatzidakis was born and spent his early years. The Metropolitan Palace in Mitropoleos square, the mansion of Stalios where today the kindergarten of the area is housed. Having met and walked through the narrow streets of the Old Town you can enjoy your coffee and food in the modern city that is full of life. You must know that you will need several days to see all the sights and beauties of the region and you will certainly not regret your choice of trip. If you find yourself in September you will have the opportunity to experience the Old Town Festivals.
Natural environment

The city of Xanthi is one of the few in Greece that is lucky enough to have such a beautiful and diverse natural environment around them, with small but beautiful mountain peaks so close to the city center. In addition, the existence of several old and new trails starting from the city gives the opportunity for outdoor activities in this environment without the need to travel by car. In less than an hour through the provincial road network we can reach the National Park of the Rhodope Mountains. With the Drymos forest (Hainto), the Livaditis waterfall, the forest village of Erymanthou, the highest peak of Thrace and many more impressive sights of the area! Nestos with its delta and straits, Lake Vistonida, are landscapes of incomparable natural beauty and important ecosystems with rich flora and fauna. Adventurers can choose from a plethora of activities, taking their adrenaline rush to the next level. Hiking, cycling, climbing, canoe-kayaking, bird watching, are some of the activities that one can enjoy in the town of Xanthi and in the wider area of Nestos, Vistonida or Livaditis. If you are a lover of tradition, nature, good cuisine and entertainment, Xanthi is the destination that will satisfy all your expectations.

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National Park of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
Rhodope mountain range
Vistonida Lake

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