North Pindos National Park

The North Pindos National Park is located on the North-western part of Pindos range. It is the largest terrestrial national park in the country. In its borders it includes the whole Zagori, regions of Konitsa and Metsovo and the western part of the Grevena Prefecture.

The mountain character of the Park is characterized by Smolikas mountains (the second highest mountain of Greece, 2.637 meters), Tymphi, Lygos, Vasilitsa, Mitsikeli, channels of Tsourgiakas and Orliakas, and part of Zygos, where North and Central Pindos meet..

The mountain lakes of the Park, the famous Drakolimnes and of particular interest. They constitute the southern-most mountain lakes of Europe remaining from the Ice Age. The largest one, Drakolimni of Tymphi, is at a plateau of 2.050m altitude. It has an elliptical shape with 8 acres area approximately. Its waters are pure and it is very deep. The lake is very poor in life. The most well-known animal living in its waters is the Alpine newt, probably a remnant from the Ice Age. The second Drakolimni is that of Smolikas, also known as Divirliga. It is at an altitude of 2.150, is smaller than that of Tymphi, with an area of 3-4 acres. It is also very deep and with a small biodiversity. The smaller lakes of Flega and the lake-marsh of Avgo in Valia Calda are equally important.

An impressive element of the North Pindos National Park are the gorges and ravines: the Vikos gorge and the Aoos ravine in Ioannina prefecture, the gorges of Portitsa and Mikrolivado and Tsourgiakas in Grevena Prefecture.

The Vikos gorge is the dominant and most impressive geomorphological formation in Zagori. With its wild and imposing beauty, rich fauna, vegetation and flora, with streams rushing down its walls, with caves and inaccessible levels, the Vikos gorge, starting at Tsepelovo, cuts the massif of Tymphi and ends in the springs of Voidomatis. The main gorge, with a length of 10 km approximately, starts at Vitsa and Monodendri and goes to the village Vikos. The Vikos gorge is included in the Guinness Book of Records for 1997 as the world’s deepest and most narrow, with a depth of 900 m and opening which varies between 100 and 1.100 m. the view to the gorge is breathtaking, particularly from Vradeto village (location Beloi) and from location Oxia, above Monodendri.

Particularly impressive is also the ravine through which Aoos river flows. The Aoos ravine is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor activities. It is surrounded by the cliffs of Tymphi and Trapezitsa. Its depth is almost 1.500m, its length 8km, and its width varies from 300 to 2.500m. The ravine opens between steep slopes, however there are also points where one can enjoy a cool bath. In order to approach the ravine, one must follow the marked trail which starts at the historic single-arch stone bridge of Aoos, a masterpiece by stonemasons from Pyrsogianni (1870). Protected among the steep rocks there is also the Stomio Monastery (1774) which besides its historical importance offers an impressive view towards the ravine.

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