Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. With 2.918 meters height, it dominates Northern Greece and can even be seen from Thessaloniki. It is at the border between Thessaly and Macedonia.

Olympus has 52 peaks in total, but the two main ones are Mytikas, the highest peak, and Skolio, the second highest one. The mountain is accessible all year long, but attention should be paid during the winter months. There are seven shelters on the mountain. Most of them are only open during spring and summer months, each with different hours of operation.

It is on path Ε4 and there are many trails one can take in the mountain, in the beautiful nature with wonderful landscapes, which make every trail path worth taking. The ascent to the peak can start in Litochoro, where Ε4 starts in Olympus, or you can start from Prionia, the most distant point one can reach by car. The ascent can take place in an easy and pleasant way over two days, however it is well worth it to spend some additional time.

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