Paggaio Mountain

Paggaio mountain is a big massif in Greece extending in the Prefectures of Kavala and Serres. In the mountain and in the areas surrounding it there are many big springs as well as streams fed by the mountain. Its highest peak is “Mati” at an altitude of 1.956 m. The Paggaio mountain is referred to in many ancient Greek and Latin sources and it was very famous for its silver and gold mines, the shipbuilding timber provided by its forests and the Dionysus oracle. The Paggaio mountain, with its natural beauties, the large cliffs, the lush steep mountainsides, the streams starting on them and overall, its resemblance to an Alpine landscape, was also famous for the lush diversity of its flora and its rich fauna. It is no coincidence that in this area among the beeches, the oaks and plane trees, theater troupes were created praising god Dionysus. Is a top destination in Northern Greece for those wishing to combine mountain biking in a quiet region of unique natural beauty. The endless diversity of the flora in combination with the impressive landscapes provide the visitor with unique feelings and images. It is not only the unique beauty of the mountain, but also its morphology, which make it an ideal biking destination, since there are many different itineraries in the area. The surroundings of Paggaio with the tens of small villages are an ideal destination to explore for beginner bikers. While the more advanced ones have the chance to follow more difficult routes. Mountain biking on the remote trails of the area, among huge trees and streams is an experience that bikers will never forget

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