The city of Xanthi is blessed with a beautiful and diverse natural environment, which includes small enchanting mountain peaks near the city’s center. Several old paths, which start in the city of Xanthi, allow the traveller to engage in activities without a car.

The mountains around Xanthi are divided by the Kosynthos River. Οn the west side, one meets the highest and rocky peaks (Stavros Tsakiris-Avgo 665m., Fineas 701m., Melti or Miskin Tepe peak 978m, Mavro Isioma 1.093m., Karpouzi 1.284m., Ahladovouno or Tsal 1,401m), while οn the east side near the river there are monasteries, and one may visit forested areas (that have developed there due to the low altitude), which are recommended for beginners (Monastery Peak or Thilia 560m).