Paggaio Mountain is a Greek large mountain range that lies in-between the west side of the Kavala’s and Serres’ Prefectures. In the mountains, as well as in the surrounding areas, there are many large springs and streams. The highest peak of Mount Paggaio is the “Mati” (Eye), at an altitude of 1,956m. Paggaio is often referred to in ancient Greek and Latin sources, as it was famous for its silver, gold mines, shipyard wood, and the oracle of the ancient Greek god Dionysus.

Mount Paggaio possesses large vertical slopes, verdant steep mountain slopes, torrents of water (coming from these slopes), and alpine views. It was and still is well known for its rich flora and fauna. In this region—among beeches, oaks, and plane trees—the Greeks created the theater companies that praised the ancient Greek god Dionysus.

Mount Paggaio is a brilliant destination for anyone who enjoys mountain biking in a tranquil area of unique, natural beauty. Located in Northern Greece, the region of Paggaio is a place of exceptional beauty, as it combines an amazing variety of flora and lovely views.

There are hundreds of different routes available for bikers in the region. Amateurs can explore the surroundings of Mount Paggaio, as there are dozens of easy routes through small villages in the region. Experts, on the other hand, can follow harder routes leading from one peak to another. Mountain biking through remote pathways, enormous trees, and creeks is an experience that bikers will never forget.