Suitable for all levels, Xplore Trails actively encourages everyone to experience our mountain bike tours. From beginners to professionals you can all be part to our magical adventure!

We gladly welcome visitors from all over the world and with any skill level. Τhis means a different set of trails, conditions and grading levels and that’s why we need just a little help to understand your riding.

On the following MTB trail grading guide, tracks are classified into four grades of difficulty (easy, intermediate, advanced and expert). It shows what our trails look like and to help you better assess your riding level. When self-assessing, we urge you to be realistic and not to overestimate yourself. Always ride within your own capabilities as mountain biking is a potentially hazardous activity carrying a significant risk. We advise you to take under consideration the fact that as good as any grading system may be, trail surfaces will vary throughout the year – and particularly during or after heavy rain. Choose your trail wisely but if you need help in your assessment we are here to guide you.


Choose a trail that meets your skills, fitness and expectations

Grade 1 - Easy

Fairly flat, wide, smooth track, dirt road or gravel road.

Grade 2 - Intermediate

Mostly flat with some climbs-descents on a smooth track with easily avoidable obstacles such rocks and potholes.

Grade 3 - Advanced

A mixture of long, steep slopes and difficult obstacles, narrow track, maybe poor traction. Most riders will find some sections easier to walk.

Grade 4 - Expert

Downhill/free ride, technically challenging, giant climbs, narrow track and numerous hazards, sharp corners. May include man made structures and jumps.