Suitable for all levels, Xplore Trails actively encourages everyone to experience our hiking tours. From beginners to professionals you can all be part to our magical adventure!

We gladly welcome visitors from all over the world and with any skill level. Τhis means a different set of trails, conditions and grading levels and that’s why we need just a little help to understand your level.

On the following hiking trail grading guide, tracks are classified into four grades of difficulty (easy, intermediate, advanced and strenuous). It shows what our trails look like and to help you better assess your hiking level. When self-assessing, we urge you to be realistic and not to overestimate yourself. Always hike within your own capabilities as mountain hiking is a potentially hazardous activity carrying a significant risk. We advise you to take under consideration the fact that as good as any grading system may be, trail surfaces will vary throughout the year – and particularly during or after heavy rain. Choose your level wisely but if you need help in your assessment we are here to guide you.


Choose a grade that meets your skills, fitness and expectations

Grade 1 - Easy

Easy hiking are designed to be enjoyed by anyone. They include  treks 1-2 hours that involve walking up and down gradual hill.

Grade 2 - Moderate

Moderate hiking tours are designed for hikers how looking a little more and energetic, but must be in good physical condition and can handle 3-5 hours a day hike.

Grade 3 - Difficult

Difficult hiking tours include some mountains experience. Some steep ascents may include and can handle 5+ hours active.

Grade 4 - Strenuous

Strenuous hiking tours are designed for those who looking a challenge. Hikers can handle steep sustained trails, often all day long. Must be in high level of physical condition.