Livaditis Waterfall

In the Western moutain range of Rodopi near the border between Prefectures of Drama and Xanthi, in a small wooded gorge there is one of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls in the Balkans, the legendary Livaditis waterfall. It is in an area of unique natural beauty, at the Western foothills of mountain Koula at an altitude of 1.200 meters, near Haidou forest, famous for its pristine nature, consisting of  super-centenarian beeches with a height of over 30 meters but also dispersed birch groups. In a wooded gorge on the north side of the village Livaditis flows the small river Mylopotamos, a tributary of Arkoudorema. At some point the waters of the river cut the river vertically, falling from a height of approximately 40 meters, and so create the waterfall. In the winter the waterfall freezes often and the hanging crystals break with a deafening noise during the first warm days of spring. The landscape is characterized by the intense relief, lush vegetation and lots of water, and in the wider area there are some basic facilities for touring, rest and eating in open air.




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