Discovering Olympus in 3 days

Route: Gortsia –Petrostrouga Shelter – Plateau of the Muses – shelter Apostolidis – Peaks – shelter Spilios Agapitos – Prionia.

Indicative program:

1st day

Meeting at midday (15:00) at Litochoro parking for a brief update and introductions. Departure at 16:30 towards “Gortsia” location in order to start our trekking. Our destination is the Petrostrouga Shelter, where we will spend the first night.

Trekking approximately 3 hours

2nd day

In the morning, we will start our ascent to the Plateau of the Muses passing “Skourta” peak (2.483 m.). Our destination is Apostolidis Shelter (2.697m), the highest shelter in the country where we will spend the second night. During the afternoon, there is the possibility for short treks to the nearby shelter of Christos Kakkalos or nearby peaks (Profitis Ilias 2.808m., Megali Toumba 2.801m., Mikri Toumba 2.740m.)

Trekking approximately 4 hours.

3rd day

Morning departure from the shelter to Mytikas (2.918m.) or Skolio (2.904m.) peaks. After spending some time on the peak, we will trek down to the “Spilios Agapitos” Shelter A with final destination “Prionia” location.

Trekking approximately 7 hours.

The route can also be organized in reverse order starting at Prionia




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