Chaidou Peak

 Starting at the Forest Village we follow the trail which crosses the conifer forest with black and Scots pine. Wild roses and bushes are intertwined in the forest clearings and in spring crocus flowers adorn the landscape. The old trail leads us to the abandoned military guardhouse on the peak of Chaidou or Drymos at 1.608m. The spectacle of abandonment of the building characterizes the stone years which tortured this borderland area. The natural landscape is enchanting! The mountain range of Rodopi spreads covered by vegetation, wild, with its deep inaccessible ravines and its mild crestlines. At the north side, towards the Greek-Bulgarian border, the peaks of Mavri Petra, Gyftokastro and Thermo can be seen. During the Cold War the crestlines of Rodopi attracted the watchful eyes of the guards. Today they invite the persistent mountain climbers to the world of adventure.




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