Avgo or “Stavros Tsakiris” Peak

Mount Avgo or “Stavros tsakiris” is next to the city of Xanthi. Its peak at an altitude of 650m. and a length of the trail a little over 2,5 km is a peak which every hiker/walker can enjoy with the beginning of the classical course trail at a 10-minute distance from the center of Xanthi. This makes it a very easy destination for the resident of Xanthi, and others.
Around the mountain peak, there are the ruins of a fortress in relatively good condition which was used during the Middle-Byzantine period.
It was officially renamed “Stavros Tsakiris” in memory of the mountain climber who lost his life in the Andes.
Ascent – descent is made through the classical trail starting at the Church High School – Lyceum of Xanthi.




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